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Why Should I Invest in an Interior Designer?

Felipe Navarro

Last fall I did an interview with lifestyle website OOLA who asked various questions regarding new clients and how to answer concerns about what an interior designer does and what their value means to their client.

The past few days I have been working on a clients design and I started thinking more about the behind the scenes side of my work. It’s not all “before and after” photos when it comes to design. I realized that when talking about what I do as an interior designer in my daily interactions, it seems the sentence “I’m an interior designer” holds different meanings to different people. While we as interior designers do create beautiful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces for our clients it takes a lot of work and attention to detail to bring our clients vision and actualized design to life. Whether you’re a homeowner, investor, developer, real estate agent, or house flipper these tips can explain the value of your interior designer.

Design Materials

Design Materials

Interior designers have exclusive access and connections to resources that homeowners and non-trade clients don’t have. By cultivating longstanding relationships with showrooms, drapery/upholstery manufacturers, furniture designers, contractors, and high-end furnishings, interior designers have access to all the above at lower costs. Interior Designers access all our resources to find the best and most cost-effective materials for our clients design while never compromising quality. Interior designers take care of all the leg work in the design process and should only need the clients time when discussing the budget, direction, timeline, approvals, and on some occasions complications - we’re only human. The value an interior designer holds is their ability to help refine and define all your ideas, designers help you find exactly what you need for your project.

Renovation in Progress

Renovation in Progress

When it comes to custom or home renovation projects you will definitely want to invest in a designer. Interior designers use their expertise to improve a home’s functionality and create beautiful spaces. Philippe Luxe has over 7+ years in construction management creating custom homes in Orange County and Los Angeles, California. We will guide our clients through the renovation process and notify them about the appropriate steps needed on major renovation projects. Projects such as demolishing walls, electrical work, flooring, drywall, remodeling kitchens, and bathrooms. They can identify which architectural details and features will get you the biggest bang for your buck, and seasoned interior designers also know which styles, colors, appliances, and finishes appeal most to clients. Interior designers make sure all details are correct to avoid a major disaster. Our clients rely on our expertise to ensure that their design goes off without a hitch and with expertise comes the time, focus, and dedication needed for your project.

Client Mood Board with Furniture Plan

Client Mood Board with Furniture Plan

Interior designers always design spaces with the client in mind. Interior designers know which styles, ornamentation, furniture pieces, and amenities clients’ are looking for. Designers can also help you incorporate any existing pieces you may want to keep, everything doesn’t have to be brand new. Designers are thoughtful with room flow, furniture placement, artwork, accessories, and other design elements. They know how to make your design stand out. Interior designers want your final design to be just as beautiful as you do and Philippe Luxe works very hard to deliver a great design while making the client experience exceptional and seamless as possible. We know our clients are busy and have hired us to take care of the details and keep the project running smoothly and efficiently. Projects of all scales are treated equally at Philippe Luxe and we take pride in our work and customer experience. If you want to see our process and get more insider info on a designers life check out our instagram and follow us!

Invest in an Interior Designer because your project is an investment and should be handled exquisitely.