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Philippe Luxe Principal

Philippe Luxe principal and brand creator, based in Los Angeles, CA.


F E L I P E  N A V A R R O

As a Southern California native born and raised in Orange County Felipe Navarro grew up with a family in the construction business. Growing up in a home under constant construction and change was the normal. His father, a project manager loves to remodel his family home. Garnering a passion to the idea of constantly changing spaces Felipe knew he had a love for design + build.

A Creative mind from a young age and a knack for working with his hands Felipe grew up always wanting to create. A love for art, fashion, and design he cultivated his interest and honed on the skill of interior design. Having worked summers on construction sites with his dad and eventually project managing himself he spent 7 years learning how spaces are not only designed but built and function in the real world. Utilizing both function and aesthetics to make beautifully designed spaces a reality Felipe finished his design program and went on to multiple internships throughout Orange County and Los Angeles. Quickly gaining skills through his internships and advancing his career in multiple firms as a Design Assistant, Associate Designer, Jr. Designer and later Design Director he decided to start building his own brand. With years of experience in design + build he now creates innovative and luxe spaces for his clientele in Los Angeles, California.